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7/1 Open the Disco!

Miss going out on the town? Miss dancing? Miss even the possibility of dancing? Boogie down to the "Blind Disco".

Close your eyes & dance!

11/24 Thanksgiving Jive-Turkey-fox-trot

Kinda miss that 5k road race?  Sorta miss family? Strap on your 80's headband get ready to do the "Running Man."

11/10 The Biden Disco!

All aboard Joe's Soul Train! Boogie on into the "Biden Disco!" Vote "Yes" on the Question: "Can You Kick It?"....Yes, you can!

10/29 Disco of the Dead Comes to Life!

Do you feel like the ghost of your former self? Miss running with the shadows of the night? Need to exercise a few demons? Don't give a damn if your family or neighbors will mock you for your fearsome dance moves? Close your eyes. Feel the beat, rattle your bones, and DANCE!

7/21 Homecoming @ Home with Queen Bey!

A range of tracks inspired by Beyonce  

// Latin, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance Remixes

// Prince, Tina Turner, Marc Athoncy, JBalvin, Sir Mix-a-Lot 

// + Beyonce

7/10 Strike A Pose.

The Best of the 90’s club scene  // Early Hip Hop to Voguing 👑  Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to express yourself? Get ready for Blind Disco.

// + Beyonce

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