people have tremendous untapped creative potential.

We know that people learn best when they experience ideas in the body. We enable people to explore the principles of creativity  and design through movement or "schport." Our work is inspired by the body + design theory infused in teachings of the Bau Haus.


We design movement experiences - scientifically grounded + absurdly fun.



The Introduction


Jump to Think Outside of the Box

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Stop. Collaborate. Listen

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Curling Around an Idea

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Show & Don't Tell. Tell & Don't Show & Touch.

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Yes, und... yes, und

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Shapes Matter

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The Golden Ratio

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Master Your Craft


Fall in love with yourself. You are the problem

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Shape Up Your Stories

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How do you fuel your creative freedom?

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The Origin of DesignSchport?

While DesignSchport is silly, it was seriously inspired by the Bau Haus.


The Designschport! Fannypack

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The Design Schport!

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